Surgery is expensive and at times health care bills become overwhelmingly difficult to pay. Spine Research Foundation – SRF – upholds its rich legacy and mission to support such patients who require spine surgery but cannot pay for it and are helpless. We possess an ambitious spine surgical group of committed professionals who help our patients to make informed, accurate, science-based decisions regarding their health issues and manage their financial problems with individualised care and holistic approach. Driven by unwavering focus to serve the community, we see to it that our patients receive best in class treatment for their disabilities without worrying about the cost - whatever amount it may be.


SRF targets to redefine health care for those underprivileged people who feel money is the foremost requirement for availing advanced treatment and surgery. SRF promises to deliver state of the art health services when and where you need it most. We look forward to achieving this goal by accomplishing academic and non-profit missions that fuel SRFs continuous development towards shaping a better future comprising economically sustainable, quality health care facilities.