Unvelling Transformative Horrizons: A Decade and half of Excellence in Spine Surgery, Education and Patient Advocacy.

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Our Story

Established in Kolkata, the major metropolis of eastern India, Spine Research Foundation is a non-profit, charitable organization, made up of eminent doctors. Though, the primary intention is to help under privileged patients who are in need of complex spine surgery; ground-breaking research, and imparting world class education with training/ fellowships has been a major focus, right from its inception.

We perform more than 1000 spine surgeries a year and consists of four consultant Spine Surgeons– three Orthopaedic Spine Surgeons and one Neuro Spine Surgeon. It also has three Anaesthesiologists who also provide intensive care to critically ill patients as well as work as Pain Physicians. The foundation also has two full time physical medicine specialists and two full time electrophysiologists. With indomitable support and motivation from our well wishers, we have successfully operated nearly 300 patients with economic assistance and aspire to do more.

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SRF launched with certain aims and still earnestly tries to attain them


To set forth a platform for helping poor patients (financially and/or otherwise) who cannot afford spinal surgeries in spite of desperately needing them, especially when the estimated cost of the surgery is high, and the surgery is complicated and is of long duration.


To provide training to orthopaedic and neurosurgeons who wish to update or learn various aspects of spine surgery.


To encourage clinical, basic science and translational research as is appropriate.


To conduct courses, seminars, and workshops to spread the knowledge and awareness of spine surgery among doctors or specialists.


To increase public awareness of various aspects of spinal problems and injuries affecting the society at large.

With your indomitable support and motivation, we have successfully operated on nearly 200 patients with economic assistance and aspire to do more….