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Sl. No Name Type of Surgery Date of Surgery Amount paid by SRF
1Bhagabati  kunduOblique Lumbar Interbody Fusion (OLIF) done at L3/4 and MIS Screw fixation06/10/2023₹ 90070
2Brintika  debhariPosterior scoliosis correction done with both side (T4 to L4) for Juvenile Idiopathic Scoliosis25/09/2023₹ 230175
3Sajal SamantaMinimally invasive Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion (TLIF)22/09/2023₹ 101691
4Raima DasPosterior scoliosis correction done with pedicle‑screw rod system from T11 to L418/09/2023₹ 111594
5Sadhana ChowdhuryLateral mass screw inserted at C3 C4 and pedicle screw inserted at C2 for Cervical Myelopathy13/09/2023₹ 61854
6Bappy Chandra Dutta GuptaLIONS B B D BAG REHAB CENTRE01/09/2023₹ 134400
7Atanu BhaktaLIONS B B D BAG REHAB CENTRE01/09/2023₹ 147600
8Indrakshi MajumderPosterior scoliosis correction done with T2 to L2 pedicle screw Fixation05/07/2023₹ 144256
9Girin Chandra BarmanLIONS B B D BAG REHAB CENTRE30/06/2023₹ 110400
10Bappy Chandra Dutta GuptaLIONS B B D BAG REHAB CENTRE30/06/2023₹ 146400
11Atanu BhaktaLIONS B B D BAG REHAB CENTRE30/06/2023₹ 146400
12Rumpa GhoshConservative Management27/06/2023₹ 14748
13Rumpa GhoshL4 L5 S1 pedicle screw‐rod fixation23/06/2023₹ 48198
14Sania HazraL4 L5 pedicle screw‐rod fixation14/06/2023₹ 95985
15Itisha DeyCorrection of Right thoracic dystrophic kyphoscoliosis with implant failure07/06/2023₹ 313737
16 aparna RoyC4/5 anterior cervical discectomy fusion (ACDF)07/06/2023₹ 172724
17Jainab NishaHalo Application30/05/2023₹ 124730
18Prasanjit BeheraCervical Traction was applied and C5/6 anterior cervical discectomy fusion (ACDF)18/05/2023₹ 48081
19Bappy Chandra Dutta GuptaL1, L2 and L3. L1/2 and L2/3 discectomy done.Expandebale cage inserted and L2 vertebrectomy17/03/2023₹ 143846
20Rani MondalExcision of C6‐D9 Intramedullary tumor10/03/2023-na-
21Atanu BhaktaLIONS B B D BAG REHAB CENTRE23/02/2023₹ 63600
22Yeasin SeikhDeformity correction done with Vertebral body resection at D10 and D9,10,1113/02/2023₹ 348581
23Yeasin SeikhPedicle screw fixation done from T4 to L408/02/2023-na-
24Prakash ChandD11, D12, L1, L2, L3, L4 pedicle screw fixation, Surgical infection06/02/2023₹ 261454
25Girin Chandra BarmanLIONS B B D BAG REHAB CENTRE05/02/2023₹ 28800
26Swapan DasL5/S1 microdiscectomy done03/02/2023₹ 52532
27Yeasin SeikhLIONS B B D BAG REHAB CENTRE01/02/2023-na-
28Girin Chandra BarmanLaminectomy done from C3‐721/01/2023₹ 26926
29Girin Chandra BarmanC2-C7 Right sided open door Laminoplasty done18/01/2023-na-
30Yeasin SeikhLIONS B B D BAG REHAB CENTRE17/01/2023₹ 24000
31Saikat MondalD12, L1, L3 and L4 pedicle screw‐rod fixation16/01/2023₹ 51823
32Yeasin SeikhHalo application done under LA and sedation06/01/2023₹ 66956
33Dewanti DeviLIONS B B D BAG REHAB CENTRE01/01/2023₹ 62400
34Atanu BhaktaLIONS B B D BAG REHAB CENTRE01/01/2023-na-
35Atiqa NoorLIONS B B D BAG REHAB CENTRE01/01/2023₹ 70800
1Anjana ChatterjeeL3 L4 pedicle screw‐rod fixation done. L3 laminectomy28/12/2022-na-
2Depshika SahaPosterior scoliosis correction with D10 to L4 pedicle screw‐rod system21/12/2022₹ 77299
3Saikat MondalRight L2 transpedicilar biopsy under LA18/12/2022₹ 13632
4Nokir Skwound debridement and Conservative Management16/12/2022₹ 390050
5Dewanti DeviEnbloc Laminectomy of D9 D10 and D1107/12/2022₹ 123059
6Sumit DasExcision of Intradural Extramedullary tumor D7/8, D7‐8 laminectomy05/12/2022₹ 52678
7Aftab AlamHalo gravity traction application done under LA and sedation28/11/2022₹ 88279
8Sumit DasVertebral body resection and deformity correction (Stage 2)28/11/2022-na-
9Salma SultanaPosterior scoliosis correction with pedicle screw‐rod system (left side D2 to L5 and right side D2, D4, D7, D9, D10) after facetectomy.21/11/2022₹ 224603
10Gouri Rani DasC5/6 anterior cervical discectomy fusion (ACDF) done18/11/2022₹ 46496
11Sumit DasPosterior scoliosis correction done at D2 to D6,D8 and D11 to L3 (Stage 1)16/11/2022₹ 565710
12Zubair MallickEnblock resection of left sacral mass done, mass was entangled around S2 left neural foramina07/11/2022₹ 33111
13Atanu BhaktaC2 enbloc laminectomy, C3 to C7 laminectomy and Rehabilitation for Physiotheraphy19/10/2022₹ 359680
14Atiqa NoorRe‑exploration was done with recontouring of rods (Stage 2)18/10/2022-na-
15Atiqa NoorD11, D12 pedicle screw fixation done under GA (Stage-2) with Intra Operative Neural Monitoring17/10/2022-na-
16Atiqa NoorHalo vest application done under GA (Stage 1)19/09/2022₹ 913393
17Subhas MishraL4 L5 pedicle screw‐rod fixation with MIS Screw31/08/2022₹ 40950
18Manish GuhaD2, D3, D4 pedicle screw instrumentation10/08/2022₹ 152751
19Krishna SahaOblique Lumbar Interbody Fusion (OLIF) at L3/4 and L4/508/08/2022₹ 151505
20Smriti ChakarbortyExtension of fusion to T2 and Scoliosis Correction from T1 to T803/08/2022-na-
21Smriti ChakarbortyScoliosis Correction at T8 to L4, T7 (Rt), L5 (Rt) and S2AI (Lt)04/07/2022-na-
22Sukhi ChandaPercutaneous pedicle screw fixation L3 to L5 and L3/4 right and L4/5 left sided minimally invasive TLIF24/06/2022₹ 164085
23Kanchan MahataPedicle screw fixation T4 to L3 on left24/06/2022₹ 253819
24Pratima MondolPercutaneous pedicle screw rod fixation at L4 L524/06/2022₹ 232516
25Chandra Bali RoyPost Operative Medical Management06/06/2022-na-
26Sk Joybed AliL4 L5 pedicle screw‐rod fixation01/06/2022₹ 38619
27Chandra Bali RoyPost Operative Medical Management30/05/2022₹ 153755
28Smriti ChakarbortyHalo ring application under TIVA16/05/2022₹ 180145
29Sanchita SarkarPosterior scoliosis correction from T8 to L402/05/2022-na-
30Sanchita SarkarHalo application under GA14/04/2022₹ 404660
31Champa RoyPost Operative Medical Management09/04/2022₹ 580507
32Manojit DasPosterior scoliosis correction with pedicle screw-rod system from T4 to L314/03/2022₹ 250377
33Sulagna PyneD12,L1,L3, L4 pedicle screw fixation ; L2 Pedicle substraction osteotomy21/02/2022₹ 135868
34Inna QueserPosterior scoliosis correction with pedicle screw rod system31/01/2022₹ 218754
35Sanju MondalD11, D12, L1 pedicle screw fixation07/01/2022₹ 165999
36Anusha DasHalo ring application done under LA07/01/2022₹ 659333
37Arun GhoshL4 L5 pedicle screw‐rod fixation02/01/2022₹ 61801
1Shima KunduL4 L5 pedicle screw‐rod fixation06/12/2021₹ 94782
2Manojit DasImplant Removal, rod and Domino removal29/11/2021₹ 45862
3Sarmistha SahaL4 L5 pedicle screw-rod fixation & Lumbar Decompression and Fixation19/11/2021₹ 25584
4Ekrauddin AhmedImplant Removal(rod and screws) and biopsy12/11/2021₹ 45894
5Kanchan KunduL4 L5 pedicle screw-rod fixation & Lumbar Decompression and Fixation29/10/2021₹ 25315
6Kajal GhosalL4 L5 Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion (TLIF)29/10/2021₹ 42943
7Dilip RoyL3 L4 L5 pedicle screw-rod fixation & Lumbar Decompression and Fixation06/10/2021₹ 90130
8Fatema KhatunPedicle screw rod instrument removal04/10/2021₹ 77278
9Jamil AhmedL2 L3 pedicle screw-rod fixation & Lumbar Decompression and fixation01/10/2021₹ 32936
10Rakhi DasPosterior scoliosis correction from T4 to L424/09/2021₹ 267548
11Piyush Kumar SinghPosterior scoliosis correction from T4 to L320/08/2021₹ 131454
12Atiqa NoorHalo Vest Application/Adjustment/Removal06/08/2021-na-
13Ishita ModakPosterior scoliosis correction from T2 to L121/07/2021₹ 85050
14Ritam MitraPosterior scoliosis correction from T3 to T7 and L1 to L407/07/2021₹ 75600
15Nikhil Chandra DasD10 D11 L1 and L2 transpedicular screw rod fixation05/07/2021₹ 57762
16Itisha DeyScoliosis correction16/04/2021₹ 217455
17Md Irshad AnsariHalo Traction31/03/2021₹ 174881
18Anusha DasD7 laminectomy, decancellation and vertebral column resection17/03/2021₹ 325678
19Md Ajmir SkScoliosis correction16/03/2021₹ 192213
20Anusha DasD2(L) D3 D4 D5(R) D9 D10 D11 pedicle screw fixation18/02/2021-na-
21Atiqa NoorHalo Vest Application/Adjustment/Removal15/02/2021₹ 11039
22Inna QueserVEPTR removal / revision01/02/2021₹ 75974
23Inna QueserEleventh VEPTR expansion27/01/2021-na-
24Ashesh AcharyaL4/5 microdiscectomy done u/GA15/01/2021₹ 17253
25Manojit DasRight dorsal scoliosis with growing rod correction13/01/2021₹ 39440
1Anusha DasHalo application done under MAC with sedation26/12/2020-na-
2Ayushi ChowdhuryScoliosis correction14/12/2020₹ 80661
3Raju GhoshL4 L5 pedicle screw?rod fixation25/11/2020₹ 58221
4Atiqa NoorHalo Pin revision12/11/2020₹ 18154
5Manorama SauL4 L5 pedicle screw?rod fixation06/10/2020₹ 73004
6Nirakshi BanerjeeGrowing Rod expansion16/09/2020₹ 27664
7Salma SultanaPosterior scoliosis correction done with pedicle screw-rod system from D12 TO S103/09/2020₹ 149864
8Dibendu SamantaD4 to D11 facetectomies were done. D4 to D11 (left D9) pedicle screw fixation31/08/2020₹ 230198
9Shampa DasL5/S1 microdiscectomy29/08/2020₹ 92607
10Atiqa NoorExtension of fusion23/07/2020₹ 228647
11Sayma Lamia MushkatPosterior scoliosis correction done with pedicle screw-rod system from T2 to L212/03/2020₹ 221720
12Minu GolderDistal extension of fusion done using S1 and S2 AI screws and Posterior midline subperiosteal exposure done04/03/2020₹ 126347
13Subhankar SinghaC3, C4, C5, C6, C7 lateral mass screws-rod fixation and C3 to C7 en block laminectomy done04/03/2020₹ 193400
14Debanjan Gobinda MaitraHalo application and readjustment done under GA at Kothari Medical Centre10/02/2020₹ 133212
15Inna QueserTenth VEPTR expansion/ Adjustment05/02/2020₹ 15598
16Daulati DeviD3 D4 D5 and D6 En block laminectomy was done for complete decompression of the cord30/01/2020₹ 6429
17Kamalesh RoyConservative Treatment with physiotheraphy29/01/2020₹ 20192
18Debanjan Gobinda MaitraSpinal muscular atrophy with severe kyphoscoliosis22/01/2020-na-
19Amitava GhoshWound Debridement over lower back and left lateral hip with VAC application09/01/2020₹ 257331
20Swastika MondalPosterior scoliosis correction done with pedicle screw-rod system from T4 to T1206/01/2020₹ 125452
1Atiqa NoorHalo application and Transpedicular Screw fixation from D4 to D10 and Hemivertibra Excision and Scoliosis correction31/12/2019₹ 60446
2Nazia BegumPosterior Kyphosis correction done with pedicle screw?rod from D8 to L225/11/2019₹ 191745
3Bachchi DeviC4/5 anterior cervical discectomy fusion (ACDF)12/11/2019₹ 32529
4Aniket RanaScoliosis correction, spinal osteotomy22/10/2019₹ 129153
5Goutam AdakL5/S1 left sided discectomy followed by Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion (TLIF)14/10/2019₹ 60264
6Mansura BibiRight L4/5 transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion (TLIF)14/10/2019₹ 61048
7Md Musfiqur Rahaman RafiGrowing rod expansion on right side24/09/2019₹ 55950
8Arunanda SaraswatiL3 L4 L5 transpedicular fixation (Alphalock/Gesco/Titanium)23/09/2019₹ 45968
9Shyamal DasC4/C5 Fracture Application of Traction28/08/2019₹ 382372
10Saraswati SarkarL4 L5 (sacralised L5) pedicle screw?rod fixation (D?Tap/Jayon/Titanium)25/08/2019₹ 23100
11Rekha Sadhudate-check C3/4 anterior cervical discectomy fusion (ACDF); L3 L4 L5 transpedicular fixation (One Alpha/Titanium) and Laminectomy of L3 and L420/08/2019₹ 41500
12Sabita MallickL2 L3 L4 L5 S1 and S2?AI screw?rod fixation (Alpha Lock/Gesco/Titanium) and deformity correction20/08/2019₹ 85866
13Sneha MohantaTethred Cord Syndrome; L4 laminectomy05/08/2019₹ 282461
14Bani KunduL4 L5 pedicle screw‐rod fixation29/07/2019₹ 51600
15Prarthana MohantaRepeat Decompression Debuking of D326/07/2019₹ 51886
16Manojit DasGrowing Construct Revision / Expansion19/06/2019₹ 63566
17Purnima BiswasPercutaneous TPF/ Biopsy20/05/2019₹ 73604
18Saroj MondalAnterior Cervical Decompression / Fusion with cage (ACDF)13/05/2019₹ 92298
19Sumita GiriScoliosis correction07/05/2019₹ 237734
20Rexona KhatoonPedicular fixation, Decompression07/05/2019₹ 69715
21Priyanka Bhanja ChowdhuryD1 to D5 Transpedicular Fixation and Biopsy23/04/2019₹ 111814
22Rahamatun BibiD12 to L4 Transpedicular Screw Rod fixation, decompression and Biopsy22/04/2019-na-
23Jagadish HaldarPercutaneous Pedicle Screw Rod Fixation and Biopsy18/04/2019₹ 54642
24Anjuman GolderD8 to D12 Transpedicular Screw Rod Fixation and L1 Vertebroplasty18/04/2019₹ 38815
25Md Musfiqur Rahaman RafiGrowing Construct Revision / Expansion11/03/2019₹ 102334
26Inna QueserVEPTR Expansion17/01/2019₹ 19916
27Manojit DasGrowing Construct Revision / Expansion14/01/2019-na-
1Rabi Shankar KumarWound washout18/12/2018₹ 149843
2Md Musfiqur Rahaman RafiHalo gravity traction03/12/2018-na-
3Sumana YesminNo Surgery21/11/2018₹ 18055
4Kartick KunduBiopsy08/11/2018₹ 9372
5Sanju MondalTransforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion (TLIF)05/11/2018₹ 50056
6Sumana YesminBrain abscess drainage08/10/2018₹ 133105
7Arati SardarScoliosis correction01/10/2018₹ 10300
8Sumana YesminNo Surgery24/08/2018₹ 40054
9Nazia BegumImplant removal20/08/2018-na-
10Bapi PramanickPedicle Substraction Osteotomy03/07/2018₹ 55075
11Sumana YesminHalo Vest Re-adjustment11/06/2018₹ 14459
12Sambhu Nath BasakLumbar Decompression and Fusion (TLIF)22/05/2018-na-
13Ajay HembramKyphosis correction15/05/2018₹ 24184
14Sumana YesminTreatment of Brain Abscess and Halo Vest Adjustment27/04/2018-na-
15Tapan MondalAnterior /Posterior Cervical Decompression/Discectomy, fixation and fusion03/04/2018₹ 553742
16Sk Shahnawaz ArafinLateral Mass fixation26/03/2018₹ 119193
17Sk Shahnawaz ArafinImplant removal19/03/2018-na-
18Sumana YesminScoliosis correction13/02/2018₹ 224741
19Deb Kumar SahaTreated conservatively along with an urological procedure02/02/2018₹ 141467
20Inna QueserVEPTR Expansion23/01/2018₹ 122309
21Manojit DasGrowing Construct Revision / Expansion15/01/2018-na-
1Krishna Pada RouthPedicle Subtraction Osteotomy19/12/2017₹ 9175
2Sumana YesminHalo Vest Application15/12/2017-na-
3Sadhana SahaniUntethering of Cord21/11/2017₹ 75610
4Fatema KhatoonTranspedicular Decompression and Fixation31/10/2017-na-
5Md AshiqueTranspedicular Decompression and Fixation31/10/2017-na-
6Sahina NasrinPosterior scoliosis correction10/10/2017₹ 211350
7Sk ArisunImplant removal18/09/2017₹ 36321
8Shanti Bala BeraPercuteneous Pedicle screw rod fixation L3/L401/09/2017₹ 20043
9Basona GhoshSpinal Stenosis; Pedicular fixation/Decompression01/08/2017-na-
10Barnali DaluiScoliosis correction, Hemivertebra excision and pedicle screw fixation18/07/2017₹ 56692
11Suprasanna HalderC6 anterior cervical corpectomy fusion (ACCF)06/07/2017₹ 200000
12Megha PaikScoliosis correction27/06/2017₹ 47505
13Sk AjijulC1-C2 fixation31/05/2017₹ 63132
14Rabi Shankar KumarEn-Block Laminectomy29/05/2017₹ 85040
15Manojit DasGrowing rod expansion23/05/2017₹ 26486
16Sk ArisunVEPTR Expansion and Revision25/04/2017₹ 32696
17Sikha MistryRedo fixation18/04/2017₹ 106245
18Anchal HelaScoliosis correction, spinal osteotomy/Scoliosis correction, Discectomy07/03/2017₹ 235688
19Anchal HelaScoliosis correction, spinal osteotomy/Scoliosis correction, Discectomy28/02/2017-na-
20Satyanarayan ChakrabortyPedicular fixation, Biopsy09/02/2017₹ 41893
21Anchal HelaScoliosis correction07/02/2017-na-
22Moumita MaityPedicular fixation, Decompression06/02/2017₹ 7321
1Inna QueserScoliosis correction25/10/2016₹ 24284
2Manojit DasScoliosis correction27/09/2016-na-
3Sutrishna BairagiLipoma exicision03/08/2016-na-
4Pankaj BankuraPedicular fixation, Decompression26/05/2016-na-
5Piu ShawScoliosis correction26/04/2016-na-
6Siddhartha SarkarDermal sinus excision08/03/2016₹ 61556
7Manojit DasScoliosis correction01/03/2016₹ 31554
8Nirgun Lal DebSpinal tumour Excision/Biopsy15/02/2016₹ 59431
9Sikha SettCorpectomy and anterior column reconstruction01/02/2016₹ 179816
10Inna QueserScoliosis correction05/01/2016₹ 21259
1Sompurba MaitySpinal tumour Excision/Biopsy28/12/2015-na-
2Astha MundaTranspedicular Fixation and Biopsy22/12/2015-na-
3Piyush Kumar SinghScoliosis correction15/10/2015₹ 55967
4Anjana DuttaTranspedicular Decompression, Fixation and Biopsy07/08/2015₹ 136937
5Minoti MardiHalo Vest Application/Kyphosis Correction/Anterior Cervical Decompression / Fusion with fibular strut graft30/07/2015-na-
6Sikha MistryScoliosis correction19/06/2015₹ 218248
7Sikha MistryPedicular fixation16/06/2015-na-
8Anik ShankiScoliosis correction09/06/2015₹ 89582
9Piyush Kumar SinghScoliosis correction09/06/2015-na-
10Ankita AdakBiopsy02/03/2015₹ 32748
1Sanchari MukherjeeScoliosis correction23/12/2014-na-
2Abhijit ChowdhuryScoliosis correction09/10/2014-na-
3Rupa LodhiScoliosis correction16/09/2014₹ 54103
4Guriya DeviSpinal Tumor; Pedicular fixation/Decompression15/09/2014₹ 60750
5Manojit DasScoliosis correction02/09/2014₹ 198375
6Inna QueserScoliosis correction20/06/2014₹ 10660
7Sk ArisunScoliosis correction20/06/2014-na-
8Sk ArisunScoliosis correction06/03/2014₹ 196308
1Payel NaskarScoliosis correction25/10/2013₹ 119784
2Dhananjay MondalPedical screw rod fixation16/04/2013₹ 115919
3Subrato GhoshTransforaminal Lumbar Interbody09/04/2013₹ 15197
4Inna QueserScoliosis correction26/03/2013₹ 37714
1Asifa KhatoonScoliosis correction02/11/2012-na-
2Sumon MistriScoliosis correction19/06/2012-na-
3Rekha PaulScoliosis correction07/06/2012-na-
4Sani PanditScoliosis correction13/03/2012-na-
5Md Jiar RahmanScoliosis correction05/03/2012-na-
1Md SultanScoliosis correction26/09/2011-na-
2Inna QueserScoliosis correction13/09/2011-na-
3Sani PanditScoliosis correction15/08/2011-na-
4Badhan IslamScoliosis correction08/08/2011-na-
5Nosifa MollickScoliosis correction05/08/2011-na-
6Pallabi ShawScoliosis correction21/06/2011-na-
7Debika MondalScoliosis correction13/05/2011-na-
1Saikat PalPosterior scoliosis correction30/11/2010-na-
2Ujjal GhoshPosterior scoliosis correction29/10/2010-na-
3Anjali SinghPosterior scoliosis correction05/05/2010-na-
4Sk RajaPosterior scoliosis correction29/01/2010₹ 42000
5Jahangir AlamPosterior scoliosis correction27/01/2010₹ 17000
6Jhantu DasPosterior scoliosis correction25/01/2010₹ 34000