Leading Surgeons & Physicans

SRF is driven by Inida's leading surgeons & their experties

Cutting Edge Surgical Methods

Endoscopic surgery

Non-operative & Minimally Invasive Treatment

SRF offers a wide range of non surgical teatments & therapies.

An Experienced Spine Department

Clinical experienceis one of the surest indicators of reliable cases. The SRF team performs over 500 spine surgeries each year. Resulting in an unmatched level of clinical experience.

Exceptional Medical Training

Each of our doctors, physiotherapists, neurophysiologists are fellowship-trained, meaning they are undergone intensive skill training and sub-specialization programs in addition to medical school and residency.

personal_injury Seeing to your needs

You might be wondering how to avail our services…. what’s the procedure, well it is simple……. If you are diagnosed with any problem associated with spine, OR, you want to get a check-up with symptoms that you may feel necessary to be accurately treated, following are the steps:

  • Get in touch with us for a consultation with our team of experts. Click here to contact us

  • Our doctors would instruct you to get certain investigations done as they deem essential.

  • After a thorough assessment of your condition, we would take a call on whether you genuinely need an operation for your symptoms. If you need surgery, substantial financial help can be arranged through Spine Research Foundation. An estimated cost will be provided to you based on which you can apply for maximum possible help.

  • Usually there must be convincing evidence to prove your financial liabilities and your income. The policy of our foundation is to fund about two-thirds of the total cost of operation understanding that the remaining one third will have to be raised by the patient party. The amount of financial help is solely based on the discretion of the foundation. If required, we extend our help for post operative physiotherapy too.

  • Be rest assured from here onwards that your treatment is now in the hands of our team of specialists, who are vetted by health care professionals for their renowned contributions to the medical fraternity all over the globe.